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FAQ about Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Q1. Does Sendai has its airport?
Yes, Sendai has international airport. International flights available to Guam,Taipei, Seoul, Dallen, Beijin, Shanghai, Changchun.
Q2. How far is it, from Tokyo to Sendai?
It is about 350km. JR Touhoku Shinkansen Line has nos stop line which take only 1hour and 35 minutes.
Q3. What is a population in Sendai?
Population of Sendai is aprox. 1,037,000.
Q4. What is the highest and lowest temprature in Sendai?
Average temprature of Sendai is about 25. °C on August to 1.5 °C on January.

FAQ about accommodation in Sendai, Miyagi, Sendai

Q1. How can I find an apartment in Sendai?
You can ask your school for an assistance. If you can not get a good information from the school, you can try to visit real estate company.
Q2. What would be a fee for a real estate company?
Normaly realtor fee is equivalent to one month rent. Consumption tax applicable.
Q3. Are the apartment furnished?
Not all of them. Many apartments are not furnished unless it is specified as furnished.
You may need to prepare, lighting fixture, electric appliances,bed,gas cook top,table,desk,curtain, etc.
Q4. What is SHIKIKIN?
Shikikin is a safety deposit. 1-3 month rent equivalent could be depositted and to be refund on moving out.
Q5. What is Key Money?
Key money is a give away money to the landlord. Some of the apartment requires key money, but not all of them.
Q6. Is guarantor neccesary for rental contract?
Yes. One local resident is needed as a guarantor on contract.
Q7. What is a guarantor system?
Guarantor system is a service to substitute a guarantor for a person who does not have a guarantor.
The charge for a guarantor system would be 0.5 to 1 month rent equivalent.
Q8. Can I live with friends in an apartment?
To live with friends, you must previously consult with the landlord and get a permission.
Normaly, all the tenants must sign the contract.
Q9. What is a sharehouse?
ShareHouse is house which you share with some other people. Normally, ShareHouse offers lockable private room with shared common spaces and are furnished.
The ShareHouse does not take too much of innitial cost. It could be suitable for international students.
Q10. What is a monthly apartment.
So called 'Monthly Apartment' means a furnished apartment for single month contract, while general apartment is none furnished and two years contract.